Your spiritual connection with our Universal Father.


The Power of LOVE to Change the World.

All of your efforts to make spiritual progress do truly bear fruit eventually. Sometimes the immature mind is impatient and wants to see immediate, spectacular results. The way of the spirit is the way of natural growth and time is required in between the time of decision and the eventual flowering and fruit resulting from that decision.

Staying with this gradual program of spiritual lessons, implementing them in your lives and the gradual results which come about in years, rather than days, is a testament to your dedication to truth and the spirit. It is human nature to be discouraged. It is human nature to be put off by the effort required when so many other enticements abound. But you my friend have set yourselves upon the spiritual path with a quiet determination and a steadiness of focus.

Each of you has certainly experienced the flowering and fruiting stages of the spirit. You are gradually becoming aware that you have more and more to offer others in terms of this fruit. Furthermore, you are each beginning to pull in the wisdom that comes from experience and you are truly achieving greater and greater spiritual status through the tests of time. Increasingly you are growing steadily more confident and more at peace with yourselves.

Certainly you are each experiencing a gradual reduction of fear and this can be said to be a measure of growth. As you grow in the spirit, fear will lessen and LOVE will replace it. This LOVE for your fellows is also a measure of your growth. The less you LOVE the more you fear. The less you fear the more you LOVE. The two go together. Oftentimes when you find yourself not LOVING someone it is because they unwittingly trigger some inner fear. You can experience this reaction as a personal disliking, but it is fear.

Hatred and fear are two sides of the same coin, like the Master said. Hatred is simply a mask of fear. You my children are experiencing and helping to create a world order with its basis in LOVE. You are attempting to make service and LOVE the basis of your social order. And this is truly part of the flowering and fruit of the Master’s message. The freedom from fear is the goal of the Christian life. To be entirely dominated by LOVE and motivated by LOVE is the essence of the Master’s gift to your world.

Freedom and equality can only come into existence where there is LOVING trust among the people. Even now fear is the primary motivating force throughout much of the world. It is the basis upon which all authoritarian systems are constructed. Replacing fear with LOVE is the cause of your generation and your country. This is a time to reflect on your heritage and to find there inspiration for your future. As you citizenry plots the course your nation will take, it is best to trust each other and to refrain from the sowing of distrust, for the basis of your republic is the trust in its citizens.

Each of you in your lives has experienced a great deal of turmoil and change, and it is your own steady hands that will guide your country’s future. Though you may disagree over one thing or another you must never be tempted to lose trust in your fellow citizens. Always must you defer to the common wisdom and accept victory or defeat with grace and calm. This great step forward in human achievement will continue to bestow its blessings for many generations. Human freedom, in increasing measure, is what will prepare the way for entry into light and life. Your world cannot enter light and life half free and half enslaved to authoritarian systems.

All the world must eventually embrace free self-governing systems and religion must be an inspiration and a guide. When LOVE is the dominant motivation for all human society, culture, prosperity and progress will truly bloom. The Master truly came to free the spiritual chains and his spirit is still working for that end. LOVE is the most powerful force on earth. LOVE will not be defeated by the forces of fear and of hatred. Truly you are helping to bring the Master’s world into the Master’s fold within the universe. As you work and worry, as you have success and defeat, as you strain against seemingly unsurmountable odds and obstacles, know that LOVE will make for you a pathway. And know that you will find the very best way forward, for the Master’s spirit is leading you and showing you where to put your feet. You are an example for many, for you dare to believe in his promise. You dare to gamble it all on the promise of LOVE not just once but many times.

The Master’s spirit will guide this country forward, as you fulfill the promise of its founding and as you trust in his good guidance for each step along the way. Deepen your faith my friends. Deepen your trust in God and trust in your neighbors. Deepen your LOVE of God and your LOVE of your neighbors. Have peace in your hearts.

My LOVE and prayers are with you each.


New Beginnings.


Life is filled with those tragedies, impediments, and disappointments which require stepping back, a period of reassessment and regrouping, and then the gradual resolution to begin again.  Sometimes, you can have the overwhelming desire to give up, to lay down and quit, to even stop living.  And, my advice when you come to this point is to simply wait and rest.
It is not necessary to be constantly active.  Often times, the mind is exhausted, and requires a period of rest which may eventually incorporate reflection, but this is a necessary process which will eventually enable you to face the harsh realities of starting over. And, really, you do not start at the same place you were.  You are wiser, you are more softened and at the same time steeled by your pain.  You may have been through that valley of the shadow of death very much alone, very frightened, and yet, look ahead and there is sun upon the horizon.  A new life is waiting. It takes only the will to reach out to grasp it.
Do not force this upon yourselves, but rather allow yourselves to become ready.

Life requires nothing but to live.  Human beings pile requirements upon each other and upon themselves, but there are times when it is enough to live through the day.  Courage comes in many ways.  Sometimes the most courageous among you shows more courage in simply living through one day than going through battle and the many things which you may think of as real courage.  Know that the Father is with you through all these things.  The Father knows all of your feelings, all of your guilt, your suffering, all of the regrets. He knows all these things and will carry them for you as you live through your days.
Life can be difficult and even seemingly cruel.  But look again, and see how the injustice and the seeming cruelty in the world resolves eventually into goodness. The Father does not allow evil to stand.  With the help of His children, the Father works to resolve all evil and seeming evil into goodness.
You have each lived through many difficult, sad, and almost unbearable times.  You have felt the depths of human sorrow and yes have indulged in those feelings of being sorry for yourselves, and this is ok.  As you grow in the spirit, you understand that the most devastating loss, the most severe setbacks in life, are not really the disasters they seem at the time.
You know that our beings are  life eternal, that our departure from this world is not a loss but rather a new beginning.  You never really lose each other.  Some of you are required to move forward sooner than others and those of you who are left behind naturally feel a horrible hole in your lives.  But the fact is, that all people who pass away are reawakened on a new and better shore.  It is incumbent upon the living, those who are left behind, to live out your lives in accordance with the Father’s will and to find a renewed purpose in life in accordance with His will.
Whenever you lose someone close to you, there is a period where your relationship with that person begins to change.  When parents pass away, the children often begin to resolve issues and problems that were present in that relationship.  Some of you have lived through or are living through a period where the parent is very ill but not yet deceased and that leaves an emotional limbo for the child.  There is no way to move forward in the way that occurs after the parent dies.  The years ahead will see many medical advances so that your children will not suffer the lingering chronic illness that has become so common place at this stage of our medicine.

There is much transition now in our world.  We are living through difficult and yet exciting historic times.  Times of transition are very often those times of starting over.  Time when your adjustment is so great that it requires a complete rethinking or new understanding of your situation and perhaps a renewed commitment to living the righteous life that the Father desires.  You have, within your hearts, a direct connection to the Master’s spirit, also known as the comforter, but us human beings have trouble with our overwhelming emotions and it is hard to quiet the mind and the soul to receive this comfort.  This is understood.  But you must all know that when you are ready, when you can open your hearts to this comfort like a little child opens its arms to a parent, that that comfort will flood into your soul and renew your confidence, renew your spirit.  Sometimes, life becomes so difficult that your confidence is shaken, your belief in yourselves is undermined or maybe this was there already planted from childhood.
But, if you cannot have confidence in yourselves have confidence in He who made you.  Have confidence that His work is not done in vain.  If you cannot feel value in yourselves, trust that the Father places His highest value upon you and He sees you as many faceted jewels, the most precious things upon this earth. If you cannot see this with your own eyes, trade those eyes for His.
It is said that love bears all things and endures all things.  When things are so difficult that you cannot bear them, let the love of the Father bear them for you. You do not live your lives as autonomous little minds in fragile little bodies.  You are connected to all the power in the universe. Never are you alone. Learn to receive His comfort.  Learn to start over how ever many times it is required.  Learn to be patient with yourselves and to allow yourselves rest and healing and comfort. Learn to be a help to each other, to let the Father’s love flow from your heart to another and to give comfort and healing in your love.
The apostles were not super men.  They were simply men who learned to love.  This is required again of you in this life.  Acquire that habit of love and then bear all things and endure all things with this love.

My love, my prayers, and yes, my faith, are with you, each one.


Finding Wholeness Within.


Wholeness and the integration of life’s various aspects into a

meaningful and trustworthy wholeness within.

When our lives become over burdened by the many stresses and activities comprising modern day existence there is a tendency to become unsure of ones centered and secure being. This uncertainty is entirely a mental state and not reflective of your true spiritual wholeness.

Fragmentation is an attribute and an attitude of mind itself. Mental comprehension requires this fragmentation for understanding to occur. Mind takes fragmented reality and integrates this into a meaningful whole. When mind becomes overly stimulated in a constant daily manner then does mind become confused and isolated or rather feels isolated. This isolation is illusory, for ones wholeness centered, perfect, entire being is real. Mental structures, worries, cares and so on are not real. However, as imperfect beings live largely in the mental domain, and this mental domain is filled with our own mental structures, creations, which we see as real, they are not

The wholeness of being, the “who am I” of self-hood, the deepest and truest awareness of self is experienced through out the soul and then the mind. We are not a structure created by our minds. No. Rather are we a structure, a soul growing with the aid of mind, but not made by our minds. For example, often we become immersed in a trade or business activity which in the shallow thinking person, is defining their being. Their self-worth feeling and attitude toward others is derived from an earthly accomplishment. This is error, for this earthly accomplishment is always in danger of toppling and the person’s self-security is in danger of toppling with it.

The true sense of self worth comes from only one reality and that reality is ones relationship to the reality ~ God. Children, as they are growing, often emulate an older person when they are truly impressed and inspired by this person. Likewise does the adult by exercising true faith actually grow into beingness by emulating their highest concepts of God.

Limited and even childlike that these concepts are, they are invaluable in helping to guide the soul toward proper worthwhile and marvelous growth. The child soon becomes aware of self-hood. This awareness of self is like an auto-revelation’ when it occurs. “I am” is a unique awareness to humans as opposed to animals. Self-conscious, self-awareness is a spiritual level indicating that progress will be made in life. Without this awareness progress toward God is impossible. So you see, awareness of self presages awareness of God. The two are mutually working together. As we grow, as we become aware of our lives in a greater aspect, as we become aware of our errors, aware of their forgiveness by God, we become also aware of our relationship with others, our Brotherhood and sisterhood toward our fellows. Self-awareness, otherness awareness, or God awareness, and then awareness of others. All these early first knowingness states presage the adult knowingness states in adulthood. Our awareness of God is growing and is actually changing the way we live our lives in connection with those around us.

Faith transforms the ordinary life into one of amazing feats of courage, wisdom, and foresight. Faith in God and also faith in ourselves. I will repeat this. Faith not only in God, but also faith in ourselves, for the two are the same, different aspects of the same thing. When we have faith in ourselves, it is faith that goes beyond the self. It is faith that extends to our higher self, our inner spirit. This faith is not a selfish thing. This faith with in is an up reaching and uplifting thing.

Who can be niggardly in the face of such abundance? Who can be cowardly in the face of such sublime courage and stability? Who can be poor in the face of such riches? Who can be weak in the face of such strength? Awareness, you see, is the greatest gift of truth. Truth is liberating, for truth gives awareness a reality and understanding thereof. When this understanding is used wisely, nothing, I say, nothing there is which cannot be done. Life may be full of toil and burden and heartache and sorrow. Yet, in true reality awareness, true understanding of the great “I AM” there is a strength, there is the wisdom, there is the courage to overcome these obstacles. It is there. It is this reality which you are becoming aware of.

Truth has power. Truth is spiritual power. When we walk in the light of truth, truth has the greatness, spiritual greatness which shines for all to see. Wise and noble actions can only be the results. Have courage. Have faith ~ faith in God and faith in yourselves, in your own understanding of truth.

Peace & Love


Self Discovery and Realization.

who am i ?
“Who am I” is the most sought after question in the universe. “Who am I” is the central question in our lives, here and beyond. “Who am I” has deep meaning and significance in life. When this question is asked for the first time, it signals a spiritual awakening and continues throughout this life. The quest for your true self-hood identity is lifelong, even onto Paradise. There are within each and every person/personality seeds of potentiality, which when watered and nourished begin to sprout into actuality. Through life these potentials are given opportunity to sprout, as it were, to grow into actual self-hood. What was once only a thought of God becomes a steadfast universe reality within our existence. Through life there are many potentials which become real within. Life is a process of making potentials into actuals, actuality and reality. For example, You may think of these potentials as boughs on a tree, branches. Each branch grows, sprouts new branches, which grow and sprout new branches again. In this way a mighty tree is grown over time from a seedling, which on first sight resembles not a mighty tree, it is potential. Many of the contrary, or what you may consider negative influences in your lives, are in reality bringing forth a potential character reality within. Like a branch on a tree sprouting, this branch is a permanent part of the tree. Life is full of sorrow and joy, of heartache, and happiness, of feelings of self-doubt, and exuberant confidence. Life is a challenge and through this challenge you are to grow within. Grow those character aspects which enable you to more effectively live. Life never ends. Life goes beyond this short existence into eternity. How great is this experience and how great is this soul who grows from it. Life is never stagnate. It is always moving, changing, growing, diversifying. A challenge? Yes. But, in life, if you discover defeat, are you truly defeated? No. Only temporarily blocked. One must learn to discover our true potential from these life situations. If you stumble, do you not arise again? In life, if you stumble, rise and walk on. These daily tests and toils and worries are all a part of your growth toward God. How insignificant they appear when seen in this true light. Who am I? Each person is a unique and individual expression of God. Who am I becoming? Each person has the potential to grow in this realization of self-hood. That this self-hood can be a reflection of God, even partial and incomplete, but true and unique, and there is no one else who has the ability you do. Who will I be? You are becoming yourself in truth, the self which is deeper and more true than you are at this moment. Always is the self revealing its deepest, truest, most beautiful secrets. Little by little this growth towards God is revealing the child at the same time. The child is no less or no greater than all children, all are uniquely wonderful, all are uniquely finding self expression. Those finding self-expression are finding God-expression. Each child is in a vast and seemingly endless universe of beings/persons, and all are experiencing this wonder of ascension. Beings who are created perfect, who lack experiential growth, truly envy those who have it. Though no less precious to God our Father, truly do they appreciate what wonders are wrought in His works; that such strong, yet fine characters are created in this way. Look well to the future. See yourselves in transition. Do not try to hold onto what is fading, for life is new growth, new paths, new opportunity, new life. Life comes from life and springing there from – creates life and growth in endless abundance. Never is there stagnation and dormancy in truly living life. Walk firmly and tall through your daily works, which even though may cause you grief, know in the end it’s true purpose, and so much will your load be lightened. Jesus as He lived His life on Earth was not given an easy road. On the contrary, His path was very rugged, yet He is the divine example of man made perfect. So can you in your lives, in your rugged paths, begin to show forth the divine within.

God as represented by your Indwelling Spirit, is active in your lives.

He is not sitting aloof watching your life, He is part of it. He is part of you.

He is living and suffering and watching you growing, in toil and fret.

He is right there with you, not in some far away place.

He is not waiting for you to come to Him. He comes to you and He is with you always.

Always remember this in your minds when life is burdensome,

When your tasks are difficult, know that God, Himself is with you, right with you.


Disillusion Yourselves.

stars n trees

The image of homecoming, welcoming, is consistent with the idea of the spirit’s un-judgmental, always welcoming, attitude. The parable of the Prodical Son is so powerful that it lives strongly in the modern mind though it was planted two millennia ago. The concept of dying as a homecoming is strong and very prevalent in our society.

So often human beings spend a lifetime running from themselves, denying their own inner truth and separating themselves from the core spiritual identity which when embraced completes the journey. People in their lives leave their spiritual home to journey in the land of illusion to try on different masks, different ways of being which are not always conducive to happiness though they may seem to be at the time. Then, disillusionment begins, sometimes early, sometimes later in life and this process being disillusioned with the world can continue for some time as well as the personality goes from one illusion to another only to be disillusioned at each step.

The prodical son loses everything. He becomes disillusioned with the allure of the world outside and then seeks his return. The remarkable thing about his return is the Father’s attitude. The Father does not censure the wayward son, he does not judge him, he does not require penance. The Father has forgiven the boy completely and his attitude is one of celebration. And so it is with your inner spirit, the Father who waits patiently as you disillusion yourselves time after time out in the world.

The Father knows that the child will not return until their disillusionment is completed. The things of the world are fleeting, evaporate, dry up as dust and blow away. Riches take themselves wings and fly off. Youth fades. Everything that is earthly is fickle and fleeting. So, when you set your heart upon it, your hearts are bound to be broken.

The spirit is patient and will wait until finally the child turns his or her face back to the spirit source, that source of original love, complete acceptance, absolute forgiveness. The spirit knows that the child will return. The spirit waits with patience and understanding. The child upon return is secure again. The hopes and dreams, the ambitions truly worthwhile are valued by the spirit and elevated in truth. The child is revered, valued, sheltered, celebrated just as he is. That which the world has rejected, the spirit embraces.

It is up to each person to distinguish what is real from what is illusion. The spirit unfailingly testifies with your spirit to those things which are real. Love is that which is most real. Imagine yourselves as the prodical child returning to the Father’s hearth and home. The Father removes the old rags which you were wearing, the torn and battered self-esteem. He replaces these with wonderful new robes, garments of the richest fabric. The Father has a great celebration prepared because He has waited so long and is so very happy that His child has returned. In this your spirit celebrates with the Father and feels secure and complete with His love. The hardships of the world are forgotten. The dust of the road is washed away and you are made clean and warm and whole and secure in the Father’s house by the Father’s fire.

Sometimes this revelation of value comes on a death bed and a person realizes they have spent their entire life in toil and trouble over valueless things. For what is it that is real and lasting outside the Father’s love? Nothing. The Father’s gentle love is the source from which you spring and the home to which you will return when your live’s adventure is run. Return home as early, as quickly, as you can. Return home to your true selves. Rejoice in that inner truth which is sometimes lost under layers of self-protection. But these rags are not you. Not at all. What is it that is deepest within your hearts.

You yourselves, your very spirits, your very souls are truly a reflection of the Father’s love in your unique little corner of time and space. The Father is you and you are He. You are one in purpose. Embrace the Father as He reaches out embracing you. Love Him as the very source of your being, your Father in truth and in complete, total reality. Allow the Father’s spirit to wash clean the dirt of the world and to remove the humble rags of contrition. The prodigal son was not only reinstated in his proper place in the family, he was reborn, remade. He found in the Father his own completion and the Father found His.

When the world becomes complex, vexing, and difficult – remember your home. Return to it, not later, not when it’s more convenient, do so in the now. Then when you go back out in the world, you go as the Father’s representative and your struggles are also the Father’s struggles. You are He and He is you.

The troubles and difficulties of the world aren’t much when you walk with the Father nor is He overwhelmed by the flood tides of adversity that can break the human spirit alone like a dry twig. The Father is stronger than all these things.

My children, you must learn to have the ability to keep one part of your heart always in the Father’s house and in this way you are protected from the heartbreaks that devastate so easily and quickly the hopes and dreams of humanity. Take this image with you into your daily lives. Let your hearts be always warming by the Father’s hearth, even while you’re bodies do work and your minds worry in the material world of mankind. And when your day is done, take your mind back there as well and remember how much you love the Father and how much He loves you.

All mortal beings go through this process in one way or another. The things that make it worse are the selfish natures of mankind. These childish attitudes are very prevalent here. But, life in general is meant to be somewhat harsh in terms of moving the mortal away from an attitude of complete selfishness to one of selfless self-forgetfulness. Of course, there are always those who entrench themselves in selfishness refusing to grow. They are to be pitied rather than despised.

Return to the concept of keeping your heart by the fire. When you have a secure place to go home to – a place where truth, beauty and goodness are the supreme values, a place where you yourself are valued more highly than you can possibly imagine it to be – then the allure of becoming something other than that is very much lessened. You heart’s home is with the Father and so your mind dwells in peace without the fear and worry and stress of perhaps putting your faith in an illusion. Fear, worry and stress are all tied up with the world of illusion. In that world, nothing is secure or real and truths are only partial and fragmentary, beauty is fleeting and goodness is under fire. Return then frequently to the citadel of the spirit where nothing can assail you and no robber may enter.

The ways of the world are filled with these kinds of welcoming trap doors. Many things which can seem to be a way out of the cycle of worry, fear and stress are simply traps in which that cycle is amplified. The intoxication of wealth, the pursuit of physical pleasure, the seeming oblivion of intoxicants, all these things are alluring traps and there are many more besides.

Remember the apostles and their illusions. The great roles they were to play in administering the earthly kingdom over which Jesus would reign. Often times the human being who is touched and inspired by the teachings of the spirit, these human beings desire greatly to be instrumental in touching and inspiring other human beings as they have been. But often, the way to becoming that tool of the spirit is much different in reality than they would wish it to be. The way is harder, the successes seem slower, the road, like all human roads, are filled with disappointment and disillusion. That does not mean that they are less effective than the Father would have them be. The very fact of treading the human road is a testament to the Father’s great loving wisdom which gives all human beings the education they need. Human beings want to think that once they are touched by the spirit that they are exempt from mere human realities. They wish to be lifted above their fellows and given supernatural powers. And behind these wishes, is the very human desire for acceptance, love and a place of belonging. Sometimes humans who don’t fit in well in society in general have unreal illusions of being above society in general. This is common, human, but it is also dangerous and can border on the psychotic when taken to extremes. Sometimes the more a person finds their illusions rejected by others, the more they will take refuge in these illusions magnifying them even more. Likewise, those who find acceptance of others for their illusions will also tend to magnify them and to impose them more and more upon others. Human illusions are all destined to crumble before the Father’s harsh realities. The Father does not coddle his children by encouraging such fantasies. He who would be greatest among you must become a servant to all. That is the truth and will always be the way. No man, no matter how mighty, must ever put himself up to be worshiped by other men. All the mighty kings of your past who have done so were brought low eventually. Their kingdoms are no more. The Father, while loving, is not mocked. He does not allow that which is of the earth to stand in place of that which is divine for long.

My love and prayers go with you and the angels’ divine protection as well.





Sometimes it is difficult to understand your brothers. They are all so very different, different thinking, different feeling, different emotional balance, different insights, different mental capacities, different upbringings, different world views. It is sometimes very hard to reach beyond this wall of difference that separates two individuals. I tell you now that it is true, love will always banish all barriers between men.

Love is like a magic wand which may be used to make obstacles disappear. It is a hard tool to master. Much is dependent on surrendering to God, which is not controlling – feeling emotion, but surrendering instead to love impulses which, when directed toward another, elicit this same love impulses in return. It is unfailing except in certain severe situations. If your love is strong enough, if your heart is willing enough, if your mind is tolerant enough, then love will surely overcome differences, barriers, and obstacles between you and any other person.

Yes, this is hard, at times requiring a humility and meekness that is surrendering to the Father’s will to a great degree. Some of you may feel it for a day or two and then lapse back into defending your hearts with worries, cares and concerns about others. I tell you this is not the way of God.

The way of God is complete and total love. The way of God is learning to find this love within us and letting this love flow outward to bless and give light to those who may sit in darkness. This also requires a tolerant mind, a mind which is willing to allow love to come first and understanding later, a mind to allow a greater mind to be its over-control, and this greater mind is dominated by love.


The Art of Receiving Gods Word and Gods Guidance.


Experience of the spirit is always in accordance with the Father’s will. You will never have conflicts or errors to be concerned with. Your indwelling spirit is simply concerned with spiritualizing your thinking. He is concerned with opening your mind always to greater options, greater perspective and deeper insight. Your indwelling spirit unifies all your spiritual experience. Ever will this unified experience lead into levels of expanded moral choice, deeper insight into your human heart, and elevated vision concerning your place in the world and the path which lies ahead.

Jesus often took little breaks apart from his friends so that he might ask for the Father’s guidance, wisdom, expansion, and deepening insight. Jesus continually demonstrated how human beings might spiritually recharge through prayer and meditation after the depletion from long periods of social intercourse.

It is important for you to use your human understanding all the way to its limits, but then to recognize those limits and begin utilizing Jesus’ technique in expanding the mind levels. Each of you functions routinely on about three levels of mind comprising normal consciousness. The lowest conscious level impinges on the unconscious and is the source of impulsive and compulsive behavior, doing things which are not the product of the fully conscious mind but also the product of repressed unconscious desires or fears, things of that nature. The main level of consciousness is also multi-leveled, but for our purposes it involves everything of which the conscious mind is aware, both sensory and mindal. The levels of consciousness which impinge upon the superconscious mind, is that level where your indwelling spirit organizes streams of consciousness. By the time thoughts are fully formed at the conscious level, they have undergone a sorting and organizational process which is the function of the superconsciousness. When you speak, your thoughts are not fully formed and organized consciously before hand, they are formed and organized superconsciously beforehand.

Part of the functioning of the indwelling spirit is to expand your thinking by pulling together knowledge, insight, meaning, and values in such a way that the conscious mind seems to be continuously harmonious and streams of consciousness are unified on a high level. As you begin to consciously cooperate more and more with the indwelling spirit, you are also allowing Him to expand, deepen, and broaden His powers of thought organization.

The indwelling spirit is constantly introducing slightly higher and more profound concepts to the mind in very small increments. But as you come to trust this good spirit ever more deeply, and as you come to increasingly banish fear from the mind, this good spirit can introduce higher concepts in larger doses or more completely unified pieces.

Always, the spirit is subordinate to your own human will and so it is very useful to consciously request guidance and insight. It is very important that you signal your receptivity to the spirit’s suggestions and options. Thus, Jesus would excuse himself from meetings, from discussions, in order that he might pray for the Father’s guidance for his own human mind. Jesus was always conscious that his human will acted like a gate keeper and that the Father’s spirit, even for him, be asked to enter.

There is no coercion of the mind, no coercion of the spirit at any level of this process. All spiritual progress is entirely voluntary. The Father in heaven – with all his vast power, all his vast wisdom, all his infinite awareness – does not for an instant trespass upon the prerogatives of His creatures. The Father’s plan has never included the concept of forced love or involuntary servitude. The Father’s plan is one of allowing. He allows all his creatures the greatest freedom possible and for His ascending sons and daughters, there is increasing freedom at each level of advancement.

Free will is central to the Father’s plan and when the Father allows free will to have reign, even over the limited material sphere, there is bound to be a lot of chaos, a lot of sin, a lot or error, even among the well meaning. But this is a temporary condition. Always is humanity moving slowly forward in the acceptance of human responsibility and human freedom.

Each of you has been called into greater spiritual service and thus each of you has increased responsibility to always seek for higher guidance and more profound wisdom than you are capable of on your own. The pathway to Paradise is very long, practically eternal from your earthly standpoint. Each level of growth contains new freedom, but also new responsibility as well. Therefore, as you grow in your spiritual capacity, so also must you grow in wisdom and wisdom is found in the seeking after the Father’s will, seeking after the highest spiritual choice.

Your lives are made up of choice. You have, stretching before you, a well night unlimited array of choices. Each one has the ability to bring you closer to God or further from Him. You may accept or reject each choice the Father lays before you. Your path may be all kinds of different combinations of all the various choices you have made and all the choices you will make. So, always my friends, it is wise to imitate Jesus and to seek spiritual input at each juncture, no matter how seemingly small. The small choices are sometimes the most profound: the choice to be gentle where you once may have been harsh, the choice to be loving and considerate where once you may have been indifferent, the choice to be open and responsive where once you may have been closed and set upon a certain path. All these choices are part of finding the Father’s will which is always hovering above and guiding your will. The immature human being thinks of doing God’s will in great heroic terms, spectacular acts of wonder and amazement will be undertaken it is thought. But my friends, the Father’s path is all of your life and all of your mind. The Father’s path is small decisions as well as great life changing moves.

Jesus’ profound, intelligent, and kind character was not created full blown, but was rather the result of many years of prayer, many years of talking things over with God until the best attitude was arrived at. Jesus always had time for children, for animals, for the neglected in society, the people who had given up hope. He had time for the laborers. He had time for prostitutes. He had time for all. His love for each human being was so profound and complete that each human being who came into his presence could not help but be profoundly changed and moved by that love. The Father knew of Jesus’ difficult path and the Father’s good spirit ministered to his human mind at every juncture. But still the human mind of Jesus, just as your human minds must do, opened the door to the Father’s spirit continually and constantly.

Think of it, the creator of the Universe, millions of worlds under his direct management and control, untold legions of angels ready and waiting to carry out his wishes, and yet Jesus followed the human pathway, the pathway of admitting his human mind did not know the answer, the pathway of asking for divine guidance. And you, my children, how much more in need are you for divine help? How much more must you acknowledge that need and open that door?

Jesus certainly fought through temptations of the ego self which said, “I know enough, I am enough, I can do all things on my own”. The ego temptation is always present, always wanting to assert independence and claim independent victory. You my children must also fight the temptation to revert toward self-assertion and self-aggrandizement just as Jesus did and you must rely instead upon greater spiritual wisdom, greater spiritual guidance that sees into the eternal past and the eternal future. Certainly you can propose what would be most advantageous to you now for the immediate future, but you cannot know what lies in the far future, or what the far future will require. Thus, Jesus subordinated his human longings and human desires for the Father’s far-seeing plan. Jesus, in subordinating his will to the will of man demonstrated the eternal truth that the Father will always allow human will to play out. He will always suggest but never will he force.

Yes my friends, you are indeed growing in the spirit, you are indeed accepting the responsibilities of the spirit and you are indeed demonstrating through your own lives the power of the spirit. Learn as you do how to allow guidance, how to seek after the higher way so that your will is glorified by expressing the Father’s will. Resist ego temptations for self glorification and focus instead upon glorifying the Father who has sent his spirit to dwell within you. Allow the purpose of your lives to be part of the greater purpose of the Father, just as Jesus did, so must you also go through the same process, the same decisions. Gradually then, you will come to rely upon the Father’s good spirit and you will rest your concerns and all your problems in the Father’s hands. You cannot do this without acknowledging that you need it. Therefore, freely acknowledge your need for guidance, freely seek it. Be uninhibited in your prayers. Be open to all that is coming into your mind through the Father’s spiritual auspices. But above all, love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. Then, will you come to know Him and as you come to know Him you will come to increasingly rely on Him. This is the ultimate aim of your spiritual path, complete dependence and yet my friends in that dependence you will also find unparalleled levels of freedom and the thrill of ever greater spiritual discovery even while your heart is comforted by ever greater levels of love experience.

Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. Trust all levels of the mind into the Father’s hands and you will be rewarded with that peace which passes all understanding and you will see no longer as through a glass darkly but with spiritual clarity and certainty of insight.



Compassion can be thought of as the major catalyst and component of the universal cohesiveness understood as the brotherhood of mankind.

Often times, human beings compartmentalize their compassion, feeling that they only have so much and can only experience this feeling or give this understanding to a few. Some prioritize their compassion, feeling that some humans are more deserving of this bond of brotherhood than others. And it is true, your natural compassion goes out to those who are most like you who are experiencing tribulation. This, however, becomes perverted in the ethnocentric human reaction of compassion for “us” and hatred toward “them” which is the lynch pin for all warlike aggression that human beings engage in.

When human beings break through that barrier and find compassion for the other within themselves, the structure of edifice on which oppression, racial hatreds, and so forth rest, crumbles. Indeed, once hearts are moved to compassion, the rationale and the justification for war and oppression falters and fails.

Compassion is found in identification with the other where in a flash one can put oneself in the other man’s shoes, when one can see oneself reflected in the face of another, and identify with that one’s humanity. Compassion easily bridges cultural and racial differences so that once the initial impulse of compassion is made, there is an easy identification with that which was so foreign before.

Compassion is the door through which love can flow. Compassion is that initial identification, that initial impulse to love, that opens the door to all love and all understanding. Once there is compassion for another, there soon develops understanding, and once there is understanding, it soon ripens into love.

Those who wish to harbor hatred vigilantly keep the door of compassion closed in their hearts. When one is forced to keep the door of compassion closed, there occurs, for want of a better analogy or word, a withering of the soul and often times a form of internal schizophrenia that is very injurious to spiritual growth. One can say it arrests spiritual growth because that side, that impulse to compassion, must find an outlet.

When one stifles the natural impulse to compassion towards some people and not others, there is set up an internal conflict. This conflict cannot be healed until that door to compassion is opened. One cannot be an integrated and complete human being without feeling compassion for all other human beings. Cruelty then, is a form of internal suicide. For anyone who is kind to one person or set of people while at the same time being cruel or harboring cruel thoughts toward another person or set of people, this person can never find a wholeness, an integration, and a balance in spiritual living and the inner conflict can certainly stifle, also, growth, and lead to more and more advanced forms of insanity. This is why, for example, soldiers in warfare experience such intense psychological trauma and why the healing of it is so difficult but the healing can only come through finding and opening the door of compassion to the enemy.

Compassion and love for one’s fellows is the natural state of mankind. It normally takes much violence and perverted thinking to change this natural state. Practice compassion for those you have been harboring prejudice against or hatred of any kind. Make a conscious effort not to fall back into the old patterns of thinking whether it be nationalism or racialism, whatever it is that has prevented you from finding compassion for your brethren. Find a way to genuinely open that door and to genuinely feel compassion for that person or group of people through a person representing that group and as you do this, reflect on the fact that this is natural and normal.

Love is such a dynamic and forceful thing. When you open a door to compassion to another, you are opening a door to compassion to yourself. It is often something within ourselves that we dislike that helps us close the door of compassion to another who reflects that same quality. It is said that when one truly and completely experiences the Father’s love and therefore loves oneself truly and completely, then there is not another living being that one does not also love.


Opening Yourself to Life.

Gradually, you are each peeling away layers that you put on over the years for your seeming protection from the unpleasantness of life–but these layers have also been a barrier to the full experience of life as well. The complete embrace of life.

For the beauty of life to be touching your souls you must also be vulnerable to the sadness of life. You must be vulnerable to the many winds of fate which blow about you ceaselessly. These things however are temporary, these blows to the soul are quickly healed when you are dedicated to living the spiritual life. Being vulnerable does not mean being foolish or childish. I mean to illustrate rather the attitude of having an open heart and once you decide to open your heart more and more to the Father’s love, the more you will see that the world is also filled with His love. And the more you will love His many children with all their seeming strangeness, their differences, their fears and their failures. The more your heart is vulnerable, the more your heart is vulnerable to love. And love is the greatest experience humankind can attain.

Truly, we have only begun to scratch the surface of our understanding of love. Embarking upon the journey of love is a wonderous voyage, a wonderous experience. Life becomes filled with adventure and the great satisfaction of giving and receiving love to many people. Each new person becomes an adventure of discovery and an opportunity to show forth a Jesus-like understanding and sympathy. We can know Him personally through our own personal experience–and this, the living Jesus will change the world. He is never silent. He is never removed in any way from this world. His presence here now is even greater than the matchless force of His personality as it was focused and complete in human form.

As you celebrate the miracle of His bestowal, remember also the human teacher. The man who was complete in every aspect of his humanity. And seek to embrace your own human side, your own humanity which is lovable and precious in His sight. Human beings, when seeking divine grace, often seek to set aside their own humanity and to reach out for divinity that will deliver them from their human side. But this is not His way.

He lived as a man in order to completely embrace what is human. His love for his creation is limitless. His embrace of you is complete. He does not ask to see only the perfect side, rather does he wish to embrace you in your fullness. And that embrace is timeless. It is embracing you at each stage of your life, at each decision–wrong or right–at each moment of joy or sorrow, selflessness, or self-pity, complexity and simplicity. All of you belongs to Him.

The world is filled with people who reject themselves and seek to make themselves over. But He calls you to embrace yourself and to allow Him to make you over. Do not fear for your futures, for each one of you is secure in His arms. You have each made the decision to embrace Him. And thus, his response is the complete divine embrace, the complete remaking of the old in to the new. The complete forgiveness of all the sins in the past, knowing and unknowing. The desires of your hearts are known to Him. He knows all your prayers, all your thoughts, all your striving, all your work. He loves all these things about you. He understands every impulse, every reversion toward childishness, and every grasp toward saving faith. All the complexities that comprise your inner psyche, all of your past as well as your future are known. Receive His blessings with gratitude. Go forth into the world with love. Remove the old chains, one link at a time, and resolve to be ever more perfect reflections of your real selves, the selves created by Him. The coming year will bring many challenges, many opportunities, many decisions. And I pray that as you rise to meet these new challenges and opportunities, that you will ever keep your promise to Him. To be ever more fully His in all that you do.

Forgive yourselves. Let the slate of the past be wiped clean and each day be reborn with renewed spirit, hope, and a greater measure of love. Let go of your fears. This is easier to speak of than to accomplish. But this must be done. For fear is the great jailer and the key to release is, of course, His love. There is nothing for you to fear in this world. The things which seem so terrible will be revealed as having very little teeth, very real or lasting damage.

To a God-knowing person, death is but a doorway and death ceases to be a source of fear. Embrace His promise of eternal life and do this now. Releasing your fears of non-existence, your fears of emptiness, and your fears of loneliness. For these things are not real. As the sun rises every morning, so let the hope in your breasts also rise. Experience the beauty and the joy of life. Don’t be too busy or too afraid to take the time to simply experience joy every day.

Love each other and grow in your friendships. Uphold each other and allow each other to make mistakes and to correct them. And above all–have joy in the simple pleasures of sharing your lives. My message is for your hearts. Go in peace. Tranquility. Mental balance. And joy. Always keep to the forefront of your minds the fact that love is never defeated. Love is the ultimate conqueror. Align yourselves with love and all the pettiness, all the sadness, all the joylessness of the past will be washed away. And your memories will be of the joy that you have experienced.


Fill your lives with joy.  Be at ease with yourselves.

Go in peace, then, and in love.


The Living Channel of Faith and its Transforming Effects.

Faith is the priceless treasure which cannot be bought and sold. It is free for the willing child of God. Faith is the living channel between the creature and the Creator, the soul to its Father, the son and daughter and their all powerful, all wise, all loving, and merciful, Eternal Parent. This living channel is indeed an umbilical cord. It sustains and strengthens the child- creature in health, in mental efficiency, in life performance, and in the transforming ability to bestow the Father’s love on one’s fellows. Only by faith is His love received. Only by faith does this love pour outward. Only by faith do we become a living channel of love. Only by faith do we grow and ascend. Only by faith are we ascended and received. Only by faith are many truths understood, or, I would say, spiritually felt. There is no other technique. Only by faith are we saved. Only by faith do we know Him. Only by faith do we allow Him to know us. It is faith which strengthens. It is faith which destroys error. It is faith which makes you perfect one step at a time. By faith are you healed in body as well as soul. By faith is spiritual power known. By faith are small things made great. By faith is the mind brought to understanding of spiritual reality and truth. Faith is the living way, the way shown Jesus, when made flesh. By faith the door to the kingdom is opened. By faith we enter. By faith we are made safe and secure in this understanding. Faith is the wellspring of goodness which overcomes our evil. By faith we are brought into light, the light which cannot be darkened or diminished, if by faith it is truly desired.

~ May God’s peace and His love be upon you always forevermore. ~